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Hemp-It is a 100% black female owned private entity specializing in the manufacturing, distribution and sourcing of hemp based products.

According to the UN Environmental Programme, there is currently 11 million metric tons of plastic waste entering the ocean annually, this amount is set to triple in the next 20 years - the equivalent of 50kg of plastic per meter of coastline world-wide. The UN calls for "immediate and sustained attention and action."

Our solution is clear cut and simple- Just Hemp It! By simply replacing everyday essential plastic products with bio- degradable hemp alternatives, we can significantly impact the rate of pollution.

Our Story

Dahlia Sanitary Products

The average woman uses 130-260 sanitary towels/ tampons per year / 5000- 10 000 over her reproductive years, Multiply that by the number of women in South Africa (30.09 Million in 2020) that gives you a minimum of 7 823 400 000 sanitary towels used and disposed of every year.

Each one of these takes anything between 300- 800 years to decompose, so it is very possible that a descendant of mine, living in the year 2222 can come across a tampon that I used as a teenager in the year 2011. It is this mind boggling realization that has compelled, the founder and director of Hemp-it Pty Ltd to look into the sourcing and distribution of a bio- degradable hemp sanitary towel.

Introducing Dahlia sanitary towels, South Africa's first bio- degradeable hemp based sanitary towel.

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Product Description

The benefits of hemp are not just environmental but extend to personal health aswell, hemp pads are free from toxins, plastics, hormone disrupters and fragrances, hemp also has natural anti- bacterial properties which fight against bacteria such as escherichla coli, staphylococcus aureus and candid albicans, eliminating odour, itching and discomfort caused by fungi during menstruation hemp pads are also extremely soft, breathable and dry (up to 3x more dehumidifying than conventional sanitary towels)

Listed below are some of the chemicals found in conventional sanitary towels and what effect they have on our bodies as women.

Dioxins & Furans 

Linked with cancer,endocrine disruption and reproductive toxicity

Pesticide Residue

Linked to cancer and endocrine disruption

Plastic and plasticizers

Linked to endocrine disruption, cancer and pollution

Undisclosed Fragrances

Linked to cancer, endocrine disruption and allergies

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